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Board and Batten Vinyl Siding Buffalo MN

Board and Batten Vinyl Siding Buffalo MN

You need to know the look you’re going for with your new roof or siding, and the best roofing contractor or siding contractor you are looking for to meet your needs. A roof installation needs to be done by a professional, state licensed, roofing contractor that has many references so you can check their credibility,

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The biggest investment any individual is likely to make is the home in which the family lives. It then stands to reason that the homeowner should take an active interest in maintaining that home. The two most important parts of the home are the siding and roof.


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How to Hire a Roofing and Siding Contractor

The biggest investment any individual is likely to make is the home in which the family lives. It then stands to reason that the homeowner should take an active interest in maintaining that home. The two most important parts of the home are the siding and roof. The siding plays a key role in protecting the frame of the house, every occupant within the interior and the contents. Without the siding being in good condition to help shield and repel insects, rain or snow, rot, mold or fungus, it is only a matter of time before serious problems occur. Serious problems translate to much greater expense than just the basic home maintenance. Traditionally the materials used in home construction were brick or wood siding. Today, there are several various options which serve as well or better than brick and wood. Cement fiber siding is one of the many types of extremely durable and beautiful siding which has gained in popularity. The advantage of cement fiber board is that while it possesses the look of actual wood siding, it stands up to the elements and time just as well as cement. In fact it is quite likely that once the existing siding has been replaced with the cement fiber siding, the home owner will be outlived by the siding and may never need to replace any portion of the siding in their lifetime. The other major component of a house is the roof. Roofing is the integral part of the entire home. Much like siding, without a solid and durable roof above, the interior contents of the home and walls will be destroyed in short order. Most roofing materials come with some measure of warranty. Depending upon the manufacturer and quality of the roofing material, it is common to have warranties of 15, 20, or 30 years. Two of the most commonly installed types of roofing have been shingles and aluminum panels. Each has specific advantages and abilities which can benefit the family, as well as saving some expense on the utility bill. One may be better than the other depending upon in what region of the country the home is located. A local professional roofing contractor should have the specifics as to which type of roofing is preferred for the home owner's locale and why. The home owner needs to be aware of the limitations of the product warranty. While the product may be of the finest quality, if the roofing or siding is not installed properly, even the product with the longest warranty can fail. Because of this, it is extremely important to make sure that the contractor is a certified installer endorsed by the particular brand of roofing manufactured. Most manufacturers of roofing shingles and other roofing materials have certification requirements which the installer must complete in order to receive an endorsement. The home owner should be able to rest easier knowing that a quality product is going hand in hand with a quality installation.


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There has been much technological advancement in recent years when it comes to providing environmentally friendly and energy efficient improvement to a home’s exterior. It is tough to balance durability and sustainability with light maintenance and energy efficiency, but some products on the market can do just that. If you’re planning to update the look of the exterior of your home, or just considering a remodel, take into account these roofing and siding products that look great and are environmentally friendly: roofing and siding.

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Damaged roof panels can lead to structural problem and leaks. Therefore they need to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid damage to the house and household items. Age, impact, moisture and wind are some of the many causes of roof damage which, if left unattended, can lead to very expensive repairs. Some of the clues that provide evidence of the need to have the roof repaired include mildew, moisture and leaks. When faced with these symptoms, the home owner needs to seek the intervention of a professional roofing company. Homeowners need to be vigilant to notice the signs of a damaged roof as it is possible to have leaks in places that are not easily noticeable, causing more and more damage within the house as time goes by. Apart from the roofing repairs, siding repairs may also be needed for your house. The siding also plays a huge role not just in the appearance of the house but also as a protective tool for the household items. It is possible for a damaged roof to cause damage to the siding, so the two need to be properly maintained to ensure that the house is safe along with the items inside it. Most roofing companies also offer siding services which include repair, inspection, replacement and material removal. The extent of the roof and siding damages determines what kind of services your house will require to get it back into shape. The roofing and siding company you choose to do the repairs should first inspect the damage and be honest about what will be required to get your house back in order. There are companies that purposely provide incorrect quotes on the repair work, so it is necessary to work with a company that has a good reputation and a great deal of experience in the kinds of repairs you need. This means that the employees of the company should have proper training and even be licensed by the right body within your area to ensure that you not only get quality work but that you also do not end up being swindled by an unscrupulous company. A good roof should last up to 15 years with proper maintenance and the company you choose should offer this kind of guarantee. Good repair work can make your home look as good as new within a short period of time without costing too much.

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If you're considering having work done on your home, such as window replacement or roofing work, learning about how to safely remove lead paint and other substances according to EPA regulations can be vital. While lead has been banned in house paint since the late 1970s, it's still possible for the substance to be present if your house is on the older side. If your home needs some work such as window replacement, check to make sure your contractor is well-versed in the EPA rules before hiring them. Why Following EPA Regulations Is Important The EPA regulations on lead are important because lead is a dangerous substance. Even after paint has dried, it can flake off and become a powder, which is released into the air. Once the particles are airborne, they can be breathed in, which leads to problems like nervous system damage, kidney damage and developmental delays in children. Following the safety regulations set by this environmental agency means that your contractor will take measures to contain the dust and particles released by sanding. While you may not think of needing to watch out for lead in a roofing project, your contractor should be able to help you determine if this is a potential issue. Chances are it's not, but if your home is old and there are any painted surfaces, such as a chimney, your contractor will be able to help. How Companies Can Ensure They're Following The Law Anyone who's read government regulations knows that these can be full of technical jargon and other language that is difficult for a lay person to understand. Even professionals can have issues with understanding the laws to make sure they're compliant. Before hiring roofing, window replacement or siding contractors, ask them how they know they're following the rules. Some contractors choose to attend special training classes. Qualified trainers who have experience working with contractors conduct these classes. They'll be able thoroughly explain how to contain the dust and particles using language your contractor will understand. Finding Window Replacement, Roofing Or Siding Contractors Many homeowners are tempted to bid out their project to exterior remodelers (such as siding contractors) and go with the company with the lowest bid. If you're tempted to do this -- don't! While some companies that have the lowest bid are knowledgeable and well-versed in everything that needs to be done, there's probably a very good reason why they're priced so low. This could be that their employees aren't properly trained in the right techniques to complete the project, or that they don't comply with local or state regulations. If you have lead paint or other substances in your home, not following the EPA's guidelines for removal can leave contractors with a $37,500 fine -- per day! This hefty fine should be incentive enough for your roofing, window replacement or siding contractors to follow the law. An exterior home remodeling project can be stressful. Instead of worrying about whether your contractor knows what they're doing, make sure to interview them thoroughly before hiring them. Ask specifically about local and national environmental regulations to ensure that they're fully compliant before work begins.


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My roofing and siding are 25 years old. Do we need to replace them on our house? When looking at roof materials, slate, copper and clay/concrete roofs all have a 50-year life expectancy while asphalt shingle roofs have a 20-year expectancy. Fiber cement shingles should last approximately 25 years while wood shakes should be good for around 30 years. Ultimately, the life of a roof depends on local weather conditions, proper building and design, material quality and the maintenance of the roofing material. Proper ventilation is key to the longevity. A professional roofer will be sure to remove all layers of shingle, check for damage, repair any structural damage, install new flashing and ice and water shield at the gutter edges and on the valleys. Don't skimp on this part. It insures the longevity of your investment. Outside siding and trim materials typically last a lifetime. Brick, engineered wood, both natural and manufactured stone and fiber cement will last as long as the house. All of those materials listed above can be applied to you home if you want to retrofit them over wood siding. Exterior wood/vinyl shutters are expected to last 20 years, depending on the weather. Gutters made of copper can last 50 years. Aluminum gutters will last up to 20 years. Copper downspouts last 100 years or more while aluminum downspouts will last up to 30 years. Color choices for all products are amazing, but be sure to see large samples to be sure you like the color combination. When in doubt, look at houses in your neighborhood to see what they're using as materials and what you like.

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